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If you are here because you or a loved one (including a minor child) have been recently accused of 
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If you are here because you are facing a reckless driving charge in Virginia, you may be searching for an answer to whether or not you have any defense(s), legally speaking.

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This page includes the three best sources for information if you are trying to learn more about your traffic charge. From our:

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On this website, you will learn about these topics and more:

  • Virginia traffic laws;
  • Virginia traffic tickets;
  • DMV demerit points: How many points the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assesses to drivers when convicted of violating certain Virginia moving traffic violations.

Do you need a Virginia traffic lawyer?

  • What you should consider when it comes to: whether or not you may be better off with a lawyer, based on your own unique goals and charge(s).”
  • Information on the Virginia moving traffic violations mentioned under each DMV point category.

The Basics: a conviction of a moving traffic violation in Virginia can be criminal in nature, with serious consequences

Just because a police officer provided a yellow slip (called a “Summons”), it does NOT mean the violation is necessarily a simple prepayable traffic infraction.  In fact, a very large number of Virginia traffic violations are not prepayable, and do require court appearances.  Furthermore, many moving traffic violations are criminal in nature, meaning a conviction will not only go on your driving record, but also on your criminal record, too.  One such example is reckless driving in Virginia: will stay on an adult’s criminal record for life, and is punishable by up to a year in jail, up to a $2,500 fine, and loss of driving privileges for up to six months.  Many people are surprised by this: reckless driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor and is on the same level as a first DUI!

If you are currently faced with a Virginia speeding ticket or one of the other many Virginia traffic laws, then you may be searching for answers to questions like these:

–          Whether or not you need to go to court;

–          Whether or not you should talk to a

Virginia traffic lawyer to help you fight your charge.

–          The costs and benefits of challenging the charge against you;

–          The DMV points – and consequences of “DMV of VA” points; and

–          The chances you will have to complete a driver improvement program, among others.

If you have a question about a Virginia speeding ticket, Virginia reckless driving charge, Virginia DUI charge, or other moving violation, consider the following sources for information:

  1. The Virginia court system’s website (search [COUNTY/CITY/TOWN] [COURT]
    1. For example: if you were stopped and charged with an offense while driving in Fairfax County, then you may want to visit the Fairfax County General District Court website.  You should also keep in mind that if stopped and charged by a police officer in a city or town, then you may wish to visit the appropriate city or town website.  Fairfax County General District Court website provides details about the City and Town Courts here
    2. The Virginia General District Court Case Information Page (remember to select the appropriate city/town/county from the drop-down menu).
    3. The DMV of Virginia website.
      1. But note: the DMV states (regarding the relative demerit points associated with traffic violations), that you should not rely on its point listings for purposes of obtaining the most current information.  (This may be due to the fact that laws could change before the website could feasibly be updated).
      2. For the most current information, please speak with a Virginia traffic lawyer (or Virginia criminal defense lawyer who also handles traffic violations).  This information is provided as a courtesy of Fairfax law firm, Vincenzes Law, PLLC, serving both Virginia and out-of-state drivers charged with traffic violations and criminal misdemeanors in Northern Virginia
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Brenton D. Vincenzes is a lifelong Fairfax County resident and Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer. He is a member of the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National College of DUI Defense, NORML, and has been awarded the following in 2014-15: Top 100 Trial Lawyer (National Trial Lawyers) Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyer (National Trial Lawyers) Nationally Ranked Top 10 Under 40 Defense Attorney (National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys) 10 Best in Client Satisfaction for Criminal Defense (American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys) Nationally Ranked Top 1% Attorney Award Recipient (National Association of Distinguished Counsel) As a local leader, Mr. Vincenzes mentors troubled youths, volunteers his time to serve at his church, takes select pro bono clients, and strives to improve the community. Mr. Vincenzes represents men, women, and juveniles through zealous and diligent advocacy, strategic planning, and skilled trial work preparation. Mr. Vincenzes' areas of criminal law practice are broad, and include most felonies and misdemeanors such as: reckless driving, DUI & DWI, drug offenses, assault and battery, domestic violence, assault on an officer, destruction of property, alcohol offenses, firearm offenses, larceny, shoplifting, embezzlement, fraud, and other theft offenses, and moving traffic violations among others. His private legal services are available in most Northern Virginia jurisdictions, including Fairfax County, Arlington County, Prince William County, Loudoun County, Stafford County, Alexandria, Manassas, Leesburg, South Riding, and other cities and towns.