Virginia Schedule IV Drug List

Virginia Schedule IV Drugs and Substances

If you have been charged with a drug possession or distribution-related offense, check the Summons you should have received upon arrest, and determine if you are faced with a misdemeanor or felony.  If you have questions, contact your local Fairfax Criminal Law Attorney.  For a list of the Virginia Misdemeanor Classes and authorized punishments if convicted, click here. This list/post does not contain legal advice, and is for educational purpose only.  Please speak with a qualified lawyer if you are facing a charge.

According to the Virginia Code § 54.1-3452 Schedule IV., unless otherwise noted or specified, the following substances fall into this category:

“[S]ubstances having a potential for abuse associated with a depressant effect” on the human central nervous system:

  • Alprazolam;
  • Barbital;
  • Bromazepam;
  • Camazepam;
  • Carisoprodol;
  • Chloral betaine;
  • Chloral hydrate;
  • Chlordiazepoxide;
  • Clobazam;
  • Clonazepam;
  • Clorazepate;
  • Clotiazepam;
  • Cloxazolam;
  • Delorazepam;
  • Diazepam;
  • Dichloralphenazone;
  • Estazolam;
  • Ethchlorvynol;
  • Ethinamate;
  • Ethyl loflazepate;
  • Fludiazepam;
  • Flunitrazepam;
  • Flurazepam;
  • Fospropofol;
  • Halazepam;
  • Haloxazolam;
  • Ketazolam;
  • Loprazolam;
  • Lorazepam;
  • Lormetazepam;
  • Mebutamate;
  • Medazepam;
  • Methohexital;
  • Meprobamate;
  • Methylphenobarbital;
  • Midazolam;
  • Nimetazapam;
  • Nitrazepam;
  • Nordiazepam;
  • Oxazepam;
  • Oxazolam;
  • Paraldehyde;
  • Petrichloral;
  • Phenobarbital;
  • Pinazepam;
  • Prazepam;
  • Quazepam;
  • Temazepam;
  • Tetrazepam;
  • Triazolam;
  • Zaleplon;
  • Zolpidem;
  • Zopiclone

As well as:

  • Fenfluramine

And the following, which cause “a stimulant effect on the central nervous system:”

  • Cathine (+)-norpseudoephedrine;
  • Diethylpropion;
  • Fencamfamin;
  • Fenproprex;
  • Mazindol;
  • Mefenorex;
  • Modafinil;
  • Phentermine;
  • Pemoline (including organometallic complexes and chelates thereof);
  • Pipradrol;
  • Sibutramine;
  • SPA (-)-1-dimethylamino-1, 2-diphenylethane.


Dextropropoxyphene (alpha-(+)-4-dimethylamino-1, 2-diphenyl-3-methyl-2-propionoxy butane);

Not more than 1 milligram of difenoxin and not less than 25 micrograms of atropine sulfate per dosage unit.

And finally: “Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule:”

  • Butorphanol (including its optical isomers);
  • Pentazocine
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