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The information on this page is brought to you by the Vincenzes Law Firm, (Vincenzes Law, PLLC), a Northern Virginia Criminal Defense and Traffic Law Firm. Visit the official Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Center site for the most up-to-date information.

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Fairfax County Jail Information
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Message from our Fairfax Criminal Lawyer –

It is very important to understand the process when a person is arrested and charged with a crime in Fairfax County. I have outlined the general process when an individual is arrested and booked at the Adult Detention Center in Fairfax. If a bail bondsman is needed, one thing to consider may be forms of collateral, bond vs. personal recognizance, read more here.

For those in need of help right away:

Maybe your loved one was recently transported to the adult detention center in Fairfax County, and you are looking for directions. Perhaps you need to find out information about visitation, inmate information, or a simple phone number to the Fairfax County Jail admin line. If this sounds like the reason why you are here, you will find the information you are looking for just underneath the infographic below.

Arrest Infographic

Fairfax County Jail

Fairfax County Jail Information

This part of the page is where you will find contact information for reaching the Fairfax County jail Adult Detention Center, including address, map/directions, frequently asked questions, and links to helpful county pages.

Fairfax County Jail Phone Number(s) and Address

Fairfax County Adult Detention Center

10520 Judicial Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030.

Fairfax County General District Court Public Parking Garage

10550 Page Avenue
Fairfax, VA 22030

Fairfax Adult Detention Center and Jail Phone Numbers

703-246-2100703-246-2100, then listen to the voice-prompt and select the correct number. The options include: directions; visitation information; medical information; information about inmates; property room inquiries; finance matters; transportation; court dates; release dates; and bond information.

Parking (where to park)

If you plan on parking somewhere on Judicial Drive, you may want to reconsider. There are very few parking spaces available to the public — for a sure bet, try the public parking garage on Page Avenue — a short walk from the entrance on Judicial Drive.

Fairfax Jail Directions and Map

Tip: you can save the location to your Google Maps account using the sign-in button below:

Frequently Asked Questions:
Fairfax County Jail FAQ

The following five (5) questions represent some of the most frequently asked questions our Fairfax Defense Firm has been asked over time.

Are family members allowed to call inmates?

No. According to the official Fairfax Adult Detention Center site, only emergency messages are communicated to inmates.

Can inmates call family members?

Yes. Access to a telephone is supposed to be granted in a reasonable time frame following entry to the detention center, however, once the inmate has been through the initial booking procedures, personal calls can only be made using collect calling or a pre-paid arrangement.

The company the Sheriff’s Office directs family members to the following company for purposes of setting up an account for an inmate: ICSolutions.com. (they can be reached at 1.888.506.84071.888.506.8407)

How soon can I visit my loved one?

The short answer is, it depends. For some people, it will be the same day because their loved one will be released without having to post a bond, or bond is posted the same day. For less fortunate inmates who must remain in confinement, it takes about three (3) days before they can receive visitors. A Virginia criminal defense attorney and other professionals can visit an inmate-client with fewer restrictions.

What is the visitation policy at the Fairfax County Jail?

Family and loved ones may visit an inmate once per week. A maximum of three (3) adults and three (3) children can visit the inmate at one time, and for a period of up to 20 minutes.

If you visit an inmate: you need picture identification. Jail officials can search visitors, so be careful not to take anything illegal or prohibited into the building.

What if the bond is too high?

If your family member or loved one was recently arrested and is currently in jail or on the way, visitation questions are probably already on your mind. If a bail bond can be posted (the magistrate will decide soon after admission), then the amount may or may not be within budget. If it is too high, or if no bond is set at all, our Fairfax criminal lawyer can meet with the individual in jail to discuss representation and a motion to reduce (or set) bond. Call 703.665.3719703.665.3719 to talk to a Virginia criminal attorney.

Additional Resources
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Fairfax Criminal Attorney

For information about specific charges, visit this non-exhaustive list of the types of cases we handle. We handle traffic misdemeanors common in this area — reckless driving charges, for example — as well as serious felonies such as distribution of a controlled substance. We also help both adults and juveniles, and provide corollary services like expungement petitions and hearing representation, restoration of driving privileges cases, and more.

For information about alternative sentencing options and an overview of different programs in Fairfax County, visit our alternative sentencing page 1 and programs page 2. For a long list of resources and links to government internet sites in Fairfax County, see our resources page.

To find a bail bondsman, our “Fairfax VA Bail Bonds” page lists several local companies we trust and recommend. For more information about bonds and how the process works, visit our Virginia Criminal Lawyer’s Bail Bonds FAQ page.

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