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On this page you will find the answers to four of the most common questions those charged have following a DUI arrest. It must be stressed, however, not to spend too much time researching the laws yourself. The best source to answer your questions is a Virginia DUI lawyer. We are located in Northern Virginia and serve much of the area. Talk to your local Fairfax DUI lawyer today. The sooner the better: the more time he or she has to prepare for your case, the better.

How can a Fairfax DUI and Drunk Driving Attorney help me if I have multiple prior convictions for DUI?

Does a DUI or DWI in Virginia require mandatory jail time?

If I was already found guilty of DUI/DWI, and I still have questions, should I contact a lawyer?

If I am facing a suspended license, how can a lawyer help me?

How can a Fairfax DUI Lawyer help me if I have multiple prior convictions for DUI?

A DUI charge is extremely serious, but a DUI/DWI charge may be dismissed if the facts allow your Fairfax DUI attorney to present one of numerous legal defenses.  If successful, the charge could be dismissed, or the Commonwealth’s evidence could be suppressed.  Secondly, under the right circumstances a prior conviction could be argued to be eliminated or suppressed for purposes of the present case. See the next question on “mandatory jail time” for more on this point.

Does a DUI or DWI charge in Virginia mean “mandatory” jail time?

For a second or third DUI offense, mandatory jail time may be a harsh reality. With that said, if you were charged in Northern Virginia, then a Fairfax DUI lawyer can help you in several ways. One such way is by properly researching other state laws. Given the right facts, the mandatory jail time for a subsequent DUI in Virginia may not be proper if a knowledgeable Northern Virginia or local Fairfax DUI lawyer successfully can make the argument that a prior DUI conviction in a different state or territory was not substantially similar to the Virginia DUI laws. For example, in the District of Columbia there is a zero tolerance DUI law in effect. Ask your local Prince William County or Fairfax DUI lawyer for further a personal explanation if charged with a subsequent DUI.

I was already found guilty of my DUI charge. Now I have questions. Should I contact a Virginia DUI Lawyer?

You may have questions about your Virginia DUI charge.  If you retained an local Fairfax DUI lawyer or Virginia DUI attorney to handle your case, it is a good idea to speak with him/her about your new questions as soon as possible.  However, if you cannot work with your attorney for some reason, or if you did not have an attorney represent you in the matter, you may want to contact a Northern Virginia DUI Lawyer who can explain the legal issues related to the “Ignition Interlock” device; answer your post-conviction process concerns; and explore the possibility of taking a class to decrease any potential penalties of your conviction.

If I am facing a suspended license, is there any way to help my case?

Yes. If you are facing a suspended license and are worried the driving restrictions imposed could seriously burden your life, you may wish to obtain advice about various classes which may be available (related to alcohol, driving, or both) as a way of potentially mitigating the conviction’s penalties.

Please take your charge seriously and consult a local Fairfax or Virginia DUI lawyer near you as soon as possible, if charged

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very serious offense in every jurisdiction in the United States of America. In fact, the reason why the legal age to drink alcohol (absent an exception) is 21, is due to the high numbers of alcohol-related fatalities on state highways. But the problem is not limited to young adults, nor have alcohol-related accidents or fatalities ceased.

The Commonwealth of Virginia takes DUI seriously, and Virginia prosecutors do not take the charge lightly. If you are faced with a DUI charge, please make sure you speak with a Fairfax or Virginia DUI lawyer to find out what the strengths and weaknesses are related to your case. Most people would agree that a DUI is an embarrassing crime to be convicted of. Good people do make mistakes, and a DUI should not ruin your life if charged. Many local Fairfax and Prince William County DUI attorneys offer free consultations, so do not waste time if you have yet to make an appointment with one.

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