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Northern Virginia Defense Attorney Explains Crimes Against Habitation


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What is a crime against habitation? It may sound strange, but most adults are likely familiar with most of these offenses. An offense against habitation refers to one of several different criminal offenses involving land, buildings, or dwellings occupied by people. The four offenses offenses covered by our Virginia criminal defense attorney and Fairfax criminal attorney are as follows, and may be accessed by clicking the appropriate links below, or the images:

Crimes Against Habitation:
Virginia Trespassing,
Arson, Burglary, & Peeping Laws
Explained by our Fairfax Criminal Attorney

Burglary Defense

Virginia Burglary Laws

Team Leader & Fairfax Criminal Attorney Clarifies:

  • what constitutes breaking and entering?
  • does night vs. daytime matter?
  • what happens when a weapon is involved?
  • is burglary the same as robbery?

… and more about Virginia burglary defense.

Fairfax criminal attorneyVirginia Arson Law Page

Principal Fairfax Defense Attorney Covers:

  • does arson always involve fire?
  • is it considered arson if a car is ignited?
  • how tough is Virginia on arsonists?
  • is it illegal to set fire to grass?

…and more information about Virginia arson laws.

Virginia Trespassing LawsVirginia Trespassing Laws

Founding Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Explains:

  • What if the defendant did not intend to trespass?
  • Is notice required before arrest?
  • What are some potential trespassing defenses?
  • Is it illegal to trick someone into trespassing?

…and more about Virginia trespassing laws.

Virginia Spying Law PageFairfax criminal attorney

Experienced Virginia Criminal Lawyer Answers:

  • may a landlord look through his own window?
  • is looking through a bathroom stall crack illegal?
  • are police allowed to spy on citizens?
  • how long will a convicted peeper go to jail?

…and more about the Virginia peeping and spying law.

These offenses are all quite different:

  • each can be uniquely defended in specific ways;
  • elements the Commonwealth Attorney must prove beyond a reasonable doubt differ; and,
  • the potential penalties and consequences vary.

Additionally, each offense is penalized by the Commonwealth of Virginia for different underlying purposes, even though all of these crimes against habitation usually involve a dwelling house, certain premises, or other type of structure.

Due to the ways these Virginia crimes against habitation vary, our Virginia-serving, Fairfax criminal attorney and legal team has made the decision to dedicate separate pages to cover each one of these Virginia crimes. Use the links above, or use our home page navigation (see the drop-down menu below the main criminal defense menu item).

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Additional Points from or Fairfax Criminal Attorney
(Related to Habitation Crimes)

It should be noted that burglary is not the same offense as robbery. Robbery is a crime against a person, as opposed to a crime against habitation. As a result, robbery is prosecuted with more vigor (generally speaking). Our Fairfax criminal lawyer covers robbery on another page. Similarly, our founding Fairfax criminal attorney also covers theft crimes (such as larceny and embezzlement) on a separate page. Theft crimes are not crimes against habitation, but people often confuse burglary as theft offenses by automatically assuming a burglary charge involves an allegation of thievery.

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Only a Virginia licensed (presently active and in good standing) legal professional is qualified to talk to the prosecution before a trial in order to advocate on your behalf for a dropped charge or plea bargain.

If you are accused of a crime by any person, or are under investigation, it is important to talk to a Virginia or local Fairfax criminal attorney because:

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If a previous arrest or charge did not result in a guilty verdict, then you should discuss the matter with our Virginia expungement lawyer, because:

  • a criminal arrest record is public;
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  • the process is complicated, involves numerous steps, and requires strict requirements;
  • your future and employment prospects may depend on a successful criminal background check!

Furthermore, only a Virginia criminal lawyer can provide legal advice and analysis of your unique facts based on:

  • current statutory law;
  • Virginia and federal case law precedent;
  • Virginia constitutional principles; and,
  • U.S. Constitutional protections and rights.

Plus, our Northern Virginia serving local Fairfax criminal lawyer can explain the legal reasoning behind any and all possible defense theories, which puts you or your loved one in a far better position as opposed to being left alone without the knowledge or the power, forced to simply hope for a positive outcome.

Do not leave your criminal record or your liberty to chance. The criminal justice system is not a game.

The Commonwealth Attorneys and Police Officers are on a Mission:

Their mission? Prosecute you if they think you are guilty. Police officers have no formal legal training (no Bar requirement, and no law school education), and Commonwealth Attorneys (prosecutors) are your opponents: neither are your friends.

The Vincenzes Law Firm is unique and has earned a positive reputation. We believe it is a result of the fact that:

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The good news to those who are apprehensive about talking to a lawyer due to financial concerns is that many excellent lawyers offer free consultations. Our Northern Virginia criminal defense attorney and firm, as well as our founder — a Fairfax criminal lawyer — is always willing to talk to someone who has a pending charge in a Virginia judicial district.

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