Spotsylvania Criminal Lawyer

Spotsylvania Criminal Lawyer Spotsylvania County is a jurisdiction served by our Northern Virginia and Spotsylvania criminal lawyer and defense attorney. While it is not the most populous county in Virginia (Fairfax County is), it is still rather large, with about 125,000 residents per census data. Like so many other locations in Virginia, Spotsylvania County has […]

Fairfax DWI Lawyer Shows Jail Time via Chart

Fairfax DWI Lawyer: Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentences [infographic] [wpsocialite] Virginia DWI laws are complex. If you are here because you or a loved one faces a pending charge, then it is important to consult a local Fairfax DWI lawyer as soon as possible. In Virginia, a driving while intoxicated offense can result in very different […]

Virginia Criminal Appeals

Ask a Virginia Criminal Lawyer: Should I Appeal? Whether or not you are able to appeal a case depends on multiple factors. After talking to a Virginia criminal attorney or a local criminal lawyer, you will not only be able to learn why you (or why not) an appeal is possible (or not), but you […]