Reckless Driving Virginia Lawyer Cost

Reckless Driving Virginia Lawyer Cost

Wreckless driving virginia lawyer costhat does a reckless driving lawyer in Virginia cost? Every lawyer has his or her own fee structure. Most Virginia criminal defense and traffic attorneys charge flat fees, including our Fairfax County reckless driving lawyer. Many lawyers in the area tend to charge anywhere from several hundred, to a few thousand dollars.

Before we discuss the additional details regarding costs one may expect to pay for representation in Virginia if faced with a reckless driving charge there are a few things to be aware of:

First, Reckless driving in Virginia is a commonly charged offense, but when many people learn they are faced with a class 1 misdemeanor, they are shocked to learn it is a crime. Although the maximum penalty is 12 months in jail, a $2,500 fine, and license suspension, keep in mind that a maximum sentence is not common – all cases are different – but maximum penalties usually are reserved for cases that involve very high speeds or other circumstances that are aggravated or especially dangerous. For example:

  • although it is a crime to speed 20 miles per hour or more above the speed limit, an individual with a clean driving record charged with speeding 75-mph in a 55-mph zone will probably not face a jail sentence (please note: every case is different, and this is only based upon experience and observation by our Fairfax criminal lawyer and northern Virginia reckless driving attorney).
  • although our Fairfax reckless driving lawyer (nor any attorney) can make a promise as to a result of a given case. If a reckless driving case involves excessive speed jail may be a realistic consequence. The same is true for cases involving racing, or general reckless driving.

Second, Despite the potential penalties by law, another major concern is the permanent criminal record that coincides with a reckless driving conviction. Read our article on Virginia reckless driving laws for more information here. Many people in Northern Virginia have a security clearance. Our Fairfax reckless driving lawyer can assist with putting defendants and clients in touch with security clearance consultants, if necessary.

Third, some people (especially those who reside out of state and are not familiar with Virginia reckless driving laws) are under the impression that they can go to court alone without a Virginia reckless driving attorney and ask the judge to either dismiss the charge upon completion of driving school or reduce the charge to a non-reckless driving offense. In Fairfax County, as a general local practice, judges do not allow defendants to take a driving course to have the charge dismissed. Very rarely, a judge may reduce the charge in Fairfax county, but it is not typical. Of course, in some cases the defendant is found not guilty, but only if there is a legal basis. See our article on defenses to a Virginia reckless driving charge.

Reckless Driving Virginia Lawyer – Costs and Fees

Aside from the court costs and fines imposed, how much does it cost to retain a Virginia reckless driving lawyer? There is no set amount and every lawyer is free to offer his or her own quotation. But in general, a lower speed reckless driving charge, assuming a clean record, may cost hundreds of dollars. The key in finding a Virginia reckless driving lawyer to work with is to feel comfortable. Another important factor is the familiarity the attorney has with the locality. From county to county, prosecutors and judges differ in their approach to these types of cases.

Reckless Driving Virginia Lawyer Cost – Fines

The statutory maximum fine is $2,500. If a case involves a car accident, then in some cases, the prosecutor may make an offer contingent upon payment of out of pocket costs associated with the damages. Keep in mind, every case is different, and this aspect also involves insurance issues.

Reckless Driving Virginia Lawyer Cost – Court Costs

Court costs are imposed on top of any fine. Generally, court costs equate to about $100, sometimes more or less. Please note: court costs vary depending upon jurisdiction and are always subject to change.

Reckless Driving Virginia Lawyer Cost – Other considerations

If charged with reckless driving generally, or failure to maintain control in an accident case, there is a huge issue if there is another vehicle involved. If another vehicle or party is involved, then it is important to protect the defendant from potential civil liability. To do so is not difficult – it requires a plea of “not guilty,” but please speak with your norther Virginia Fairfax reckless driving lawyer about this issue in more detail, as this tends to vary tremendously case to case.

Brenton D. Vincenzes has represented hundreds of professionals charged with reckless driving in Northern Virginia. Since each case is different in terms of facts, record, and other issues pertinent, most law firms, including Vincenzes, does not publish a one-size-fits-all price. Instead, we offer a free consultation to those faced w2ith this situation, and upon speaking, can offer a fee quotation. We encourage you to call us at 703.665.3719 if you or a friend or family member is facing a Virginia reckless driving charge. Especially if it’s in Fairfax County, VA.

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