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Fairfax Criminal LawyerResources for charged individuals and their loved one’s who are facing the criminal justice system in Fairfax County, Virginia. By a practicing Fairfax criminal lawyer.

If you do not have time to read this page and must call us immediately, do so here: 703.665.3719. We understand how stressful this time might be for you or your family.

Important: Relax.

You need to keep a calm head, even though this may seem like a time to panic. You and your family members may be having to make some very important decisions over the course of the days ahead. Some of these decisions relate to lawyers, others concern themselves with law enforcement, job-consequences, bail bonds, and much more.

But you can breathe a sigh of relief to the degree that you now have found the Vincenzes Law Fairfax Criminal Lawyer’s page of consolidated resources for people in your shoes.

Instead of worrying excessively, worry only about what you are able to influence and control…and learn to remain calm about that which you cannot. Leave the legal work up to your local Fairfax criminal lawyer.

First, let’s talk about:

  • what you may want to consider, and
  • who you might want to call after an arrest in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The Arrest in Fairfax, VA

If the offense is serious enough, or if the arrest is a violation of terms of probation, an arrested individual may be taken directly to the adult detention center, also known as the Fairfax County Jail (and not released on their own recognizance). Therefore, if you are arrested it is important to know the phone number of a loved one and a local Fairfax criminal lawyer.

Step 1: The Arrested Person or Family Member Should Call a Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

You can call our local Fairfax criminal lawyer, and he will visit you in jail as soon as he can.

Our Fairfax criminal lawyer phone number is easy to remember:

  • for loved ones (not calling from jail), dial: 888.695.6565
  • for arrested individuals needing to reach our Fairfax criminal lawyer, dial: 703.665.3719

If you are a loved one and are reading this on behalf of someone who is incarcerated, then you should also call us. As a practicing active Fairfax criminal lawyer, our law firm’s founder knows how to help you through this difficult time.

One of the first things we do is determine whether or not the arrested party is in jail currently. If he or she is, we can work with family to provide trusted bond bail company contact information. We only recommend companies we know and deal with personally, and we only deal with the best of the best (and they must be affordable, too).

Step 2: Obtain Information

Depending on the time of night, you may have a tough time reaching a local Fairfax criminal lawyer. Virginia criminal lawyers can be reached during business hours, but our Fairfax criminal lawyer steps up service and invites you to call regardless of the hour. While we may not be able to answer 100% of the time after business hours, we will always do our best. So, to recap: step 1 is try to call a Fairfax criminal lawyer. To go directly to our contact page for online, email, and telephone options, here you go.

Step 2 is to obtain important information. You may have this information already, such as the location of the jail facility. But by calling a Fairfax criminal lawyer from Vincenzes Law, PLLC, you can obtain that information as well as phone numbers and driving directions. During that same phone call, a trusted bail bonds company in Fairfax, VA can be called and instructed to meet you.

For information on Fairfax County Jail, you can visit our Northern Virginia jail resource and bonds page, here. You will also find the specific information below.

Step 3: Talk with Attorney Again

Depending on the case, circumstances, and goals of the family or accused individual, it might be in everyone’s best interest to get the person out of jail as a number one priority. This may involve a bond hearing.

The Fairfax Criminal Lawyer and Client May Prepare for Bond Hearing

The Fairfax criminal lawyer may:

  • meet with the incarcerated individual and ask key questions
  • file a bond motion for the next morning
  • attend the bond hearing and advocate for a reasonable bond, or release on recognizance
  • with the accused’s permission, schedule an office date in the near future
  • work hard on the case

What if My Family Cannot Afford a
Fairfax Criminal Lawyer?

There is nothing to lose from simply calling a local Fairfax criminal lawyer. Most Fairfax criminal lawyers offer free consultations, and Vincenzes Law, PLLC, is no different. We are happy to help people even if they do not hire our criminal defense firm.

Our fees are always structured so they are clear: we offer flat-fees, which means no guessing what the case will end up costing (because we do not charge by the hour). This is the typical way most Fairfax criminal lawyers structure fees.

We offer various discounts designed to help those who have a tough hand in life at the moment. For example, we offer a discount to unemployed, teachers, students, and seniors among other groups of people. Simply ask if you qualify, but our Fairfax criminal lawyer will explain the discounts you do qualify for after providing the initial flat-fee quote.

The number one thing to remember is that time is not on your side, and calling a local Fairfax criminal lawyer is very important. The more time the person is in custody and does not have a lawyer to represent him or her, the longer the amount of time that will pass where he or she will be less at ease, and a higher risk of saying or doing something that could have serious repercussions to a case.

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Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

Don’t Wait, Time is Not on Your Side: Call Brent Vincenzes, Local Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Now

Toll Free: 888.695.6565

Local: 703.665.3719

You may also wish to visit the Virginia General District Court website, or the official Fairfax County Jail (adult detention center) website.


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Brenton D. Vincenzes is a lifelong Fairfax County resident and Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer. He is a member of the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National College of DUI Defense, NORML, and has been awarded the following in 2014-15: Top 100 Trial Lawyer (National Trial Lawyers) Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyer (National Trial Lawyers) Nationally Ranked Top 10 Under 40 Defense Attorney (National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys) 10 Best in Client Satisfaction for Criminal Defense (American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys) Nationally Ranked Top 1% Attorney Award Recipient (National Association of Distinguished Counsel) As a local leader, Mr. Vincenzes mentors troubled youths, volunteers his time to serve at his church, takes select pro bono clients, and strives to improve the community. Mr. Vincenzes represents men, women, and juveniles through zealous and diligent advocacy, strategic planning, and skilled trial work preparation. Mr. Vincenzes' areas of criminal law practice are broad, and include most felonies and misdemeanors such as: reckless driving, DUI & DWI, drug offenses, assault and battery, domestic violence, assault on an officer, destruction of property, alcohol offenses, firearm offenses, larceny, shoplifting, embezzlement, fraud, and other theft offenses, and moving traffic violations among others. His private legal services are available in most Northern Virginia jurisdictions, including Fairfax County, Arlington County, Prince William County, Loudoun County, Stafford County, Alexandria, Manassas, Leesburg, South Riding, and other cities and towns.

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