Falls Church Criminal Lawyer

Falls Church Criminal Lawyer The City of Falls Church, Virginia, is a well-known independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you live here, you know about the historic sites, such as the Cherry Hill Farmhouse. Falls Church is heavy on history, and light on population: the 2010 census data revealed that slightly over 12,000 […]

Alexandria Criminal Lawyer

Our Alexandria Criminal Lawyer Serves the City of Alexandria, Virginia Historic Roots The City of Alexandria, Virginia, is very close Washington, D.C. (about six miles). There are about 150,000 people living in Alexandria (as of 2012). The city has very historic roots: among a list of interesting facts too long to publish here, Alexandria is […]

Defense Attorney – How to Find the Right Criminal Lawyer

Finding the Right Defense Attorney [wpsocialite] As a Northern Virginia defense attorney and estate planning lawyer, I meet with people at varying points in their overarching quest to find the right attorney. Sometimes, a close friend or relative offers the information on an attorney and there is little decision-making needed. Other times, an accused person […]